Academia Intercultural de Lenguas

Learning Spanish with AiL

We know thereĀ“s always many questions..


Here are the most important answers:

1. Can programs be extended in situ?
Of course, we are happy to keep you with us a little longer. Teens need a written permit from parents. Students of age (as of 18 years old) may extend their program on their own.
2. What duration have the courses?
Every Monday new courses begin, which means that you can start a course any Monday. We recommend a minimum of 2 weeks for a Spanish course.
3. Is it possible to get individual lessons besides a group-course?
It is possible; but please let us know at least 2 weeks before you start the course that you wish additional individual lessons.
4. For how long does one teacher teach one group?
Usually teachers keep their group for one week. Different teachers can teach different ways of expression and are helpful to get to know different accents.
5. How many foreign students are placed into one host family?
In order to get the most out of the experience, only one student is placed in each host family.
6. What can I bring for my host family as a gift?
Small gifts like typical souvenirs or sweets and chocolates are always     welcome. You are not under the obligation to bring a gift for your host family, but we are sure that it will be well received.
7. When do I receive information about my host family?
We will give our best to send you information about your host family at least     one week before your arrival in Costa Rica.
8. Is my host family willing to meet my special requests?
It depends. If you are a vegetarian or you have certain allergies, we are     happy to find a fitting family. This is why it is important to state these kind of details in your application form.
9. How much is the transfer to the airport?
AiL covers you transfer to and from the airport.