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Learning Spanish with AiL

Learning Spanish in Costa Rica for High School students

Discover a new world and make unforgettable experiences with friends!

A student exchange with AiL means so much more than just getting to know the country and its culture.

Life in a local host family and visiting and participating in school, makes it possible for you to deepen your language skills, dive into society and learn lasting life lessons, such as gaining a new perspective yourself and tolerating other points of view.

Even though Costa Rica is such a small country, it has breathtaking landscapes to offer. Its welcoming people, as well as their relaxed way of life are ideal for your exchange. You will be able to first handedly experience biodiversity in between the rain and the cloud forest, the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, and among animals, such as monkeys, giant iguanas and sloths. Being Costa Rica one of the safest countries in Latin America is also a big plus if you are thinking about spending a few months here.


In order for you to participate in our High School Program you need to:

02 orientierung.resizedA group of German students shortly after their arrival in Costa Rica


In order to make your start in this new country easier, you will be participating at a 2-day orientation upon arrival. This orientation has been developed so you can learn important issues about Costa Rica, which will make your integration much easier.

You will be picked up from the airport and during orientation, you will be accommodated in a hostel, where you can meet other exchange students from all over the world and participate in a trip. Your coordinators will also be at your full disposal, so you can ask all the questions you want before getting into your host family.
001.resizedThere is a lot of new information to be learned at the orientation

Host families

In order for you to enjoy your exchange program from start to finish, you will be placed in a carefully selected host family, who will share their daily routine with you.

Our families are as varied as a bowl of exotic fruit; some of them may have small, big or no children at all and some may be married, divorced, widowed or single parents. The most important factor for us is to know you will be taken care of and living with caring family members. Since we also work with families from all kinds of social statuses, some students may have to share their bedroom with a same-sex sibling.
135.resizedAnna with her family from Sam José

Regions and schools

Even though Costa Rica has such a small surface, there are lots of climate zones, which are very different one from another. This is why we have divided the country, so you may choose the region you are most drawn to: the Central Valley, Puntarenas, Guanacaste and Limón.

In case you are interested in spending one year abroad, but you are afraid you´ll miss too much at school, a private or bilingual High School (Spanish-English) might be the right choice for you!

Ask us about our selection of private the High Schools; we are happy to give you advice on the best program for you


392 .resizedAt the Colegio José Figueres in Cartago
153 .resizedInside the Obando Chan High School in Puntarenas
127.resizedThe cafeteria of the CUP High School in Puntarenas


To make your stay in Costa Rica more interesting, you will have the opportunity to participate in our yearly excursions; in May we visit Panama and in October it leads us to Nicaragua. We also organize short adventure trips within the country, so you can see volcanoes and walk among rain and cloud forests.

A great way for you to travel around the country, as well as to support the local environment, is by volunteering. According to time of year and the size of the group, you can help to preserve sea turtles, clean beaches or improve forest trails, among many more.

AiL also gives you the chance to take additional Spanish lessons, in case you need some help in the beginning or you just want to improve your language skills.
Highschool 056.resizedAdventure in the jungle
Highschool 063.resizedLet´s go horseback riding!



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