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Internships in Costa Rica

It doesn´t matter, whether you would like to do an internship before going to university, while you are still studying or even when already working in your field of expertise:

an internship is a huge asset in your professional profile and in order to stand out and be competitive in the job market.

An internship abroad is not just about gaining international work experience, but to dive into a completely new work routine, so you can make new connections and meet new people so as to develop a strong sense of tolerance and understanding for other cultures.


In order for this experience to be as successful as possible, we recommend a 1-week-Spanish course before starting your internship.
Learning Spanish will of course be another advantage, which you can only fully acquire by living and working abroad.

Costa Rica has been a very important exporter for High-Tech and services in the region; the high educational level, as well as the renowned universities in this country have made it possible for inhabitants to become respected professionals. These have also been reasons for many international and US-American companies to manage their operations for Latin America from Costa Rica. The “ticos´” high-leveled training, as well as their agility for other languages makes it easy to assure a smooth working process.

Not to be sneezed at is Costa Rica´s rich biodiversity; whether in the seas, the rain or cloud forest, near volcanoes or at the coasts: there are new species waiting to be discovered and protected everywhere. The fact that approximately 25% of the country´s territory is protected by National Parks and Nature Reserves allows an effortless collaboration between locals and interns and both parties can profit from it

125.resizedA small monument to the Costarican book „Mamita Yunai“ by Carlos Luis Fallas
122.resizedA well camouflaged serpent hides among the branches of a tree
123.resizedEvery small town has its church right next to its park; this one is located in San Antonio de Belén


In order to make your start a little easier, you will participate in an orientation the day after your arrival. This orientation has been developed so that you can learn some important facts about Costa Rica and its people. On your second day in Costa Rica, you will start your internship.

Work fields

You may apply for an internship in any of these lines of business:


Accommodations for internsmay vary according to the elected work field, since some of the internships may place in National Parks (such as for Biology, environmental protection, etc.). Accommodations may also be provided in local hos


Volunteering / Internships

Prices in US$ National Parks Social Projects Internships
2 weeks 680,- 642,- -
4 weeks 960,- 884,- 884,-
8 weeks 1520,- 1370,- 1370,-
12 weeks 2080,- 1854,- 1854,-
per additional week after the 12th 145,- 130,- 130,-

Additional offer

In case you do not feel very comfortable with the Spanish language we can offer an Express-Spanish-Course, in which you can learn relevant vocabulary for your volunteering in Costa Rica. This course will give you the confidence you need to have a successful experience.

As t families with half board, in small private apartments or a hotel. AiL organizes various excursions and trips throughout the year, you are welcome to join us! This will give you the chance to get to know other parts of the country or even Panama or Nicaragua.


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