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Volunteering in Costa Rica

In case you are not only interested in travelling through a country, but also to get involved with its nature and people, volunteering with AiL might be exactly what you are looking for!

Midst the nature

More than 50% of Costa Rica´s territorial surface is protected by national parks and nature reserves; and all these projects depend on the help volunteers offer to maintain and preserve their biodiversity. Rescuing sea turtles, cleaning the beaches, planting new trees, improving forest trails… the options for you to support the environment and lend a hand to nature are endless.

Social projects

In case you prefer social projects, we also offer volunteering with children, teaching English at local schools or sitting at social institutions. If you cannot make up your mind to just one of the projects, you may divide your time to be part of different initiatives, but you will need to stay for at least 2 weeks at each one of them.


In order for you to be eligible to become an AiL volunteer, you need to:
Volos 123.resizedA bunch of young sloths


In order to make your start a little easier, you will participate in an orientation the day after your arrival. This orientation has been developed so that you can learn some important facts about Costa Rica and its people. On your second day in Costa Rica, you will be sent off to the project of your choice.

In case you do not feel very comfortable with the Spanish language we can offer an Express-Spanish-Course, in which you can learn relevant vocabulary for your volunteering in Costa Rica. This course will give you the confidence you need to have a successful experience.

As AiL organizes various excursions and trips throughout the year, you are welcome to join us! This will give you the chance to get to know other parts of the country or even Panama or Nicaragua.
Volos 102.resizedA tiny sea turtle baby
Volos 109.resizedA lonely sea turtle at sunset


Here you may find a few examples of the projects we work with and which require your help: Whether a determined project is available for you in your desired time frame depends on each project. Please remember that projects dedicated to the protection of sea turtles will only need your help when it´s sea turtle season; this means when the turtles have laid their eggs or young turtles are being born. At AiL we are happy to talk to you about your options!


Accommodations for volunteers are simple, but safe: in case you have decided to help out in a national park, you will be accommodated in a special cabin for volunteers; this gives you a chance to meet other volunteers from around the world. You will be provided with 3 simple, but tasty meals a day.

For social projects accommodations are in host families, in which you receive 3 meals a day and laundry service; a family will provide you with lots of opportunities to extend you language skills and to make close friends.
118.resizedAccommodations for volunteers at Corcovado National Park


Volunteering and Internships

Prices in US$ National Parks Social Projects Internships
2 weeks 680,- 642,- -
4 weeks 960,- 884,- 884,-
8 weeks 1520,- 1370,- 1370,-
12 weeks 2080,- 1854,- 1854,-
per additional week after the 12th 145,- 130,- 130,-



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